Delicious breakfast

Would you like to enjoy your stay to the fullest? We offer a continental breakfast.

  • Adults: € 18/breakfast 
  • Children up to 12 years: € 7/breakfast


What does the Belcasa continental breakfast include?

Jug of coffee/tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice, an egg of your choice, yoghurt with fresh fruit, a croissant, emperor's roll and multigrain bread. Cheese, ham, butter, jam and chocolate.

What does the children's breakfast include? (choice of 2)  

  • Fristi or cecemel, choco pops or cornflakes with milk, egg of your choice with bacon and an emperor's roll.
  • Fristi or cecemel, choco pops or cornflakes with milk, 2 american pancakes with maple syrup

Breakfast can only be booked

  • By phone: +32 (0)59 310 710
  • By e-mail:
  • Online: comfort rate

* If we have few breakfasts, a table will be reserved for you 50 metres from the hotel in a breakfast house. You can then enjoy a daily continental breakfast during your stay. When making your reservation, please let us know at what time (from 8 am) you would like to enjoy breakfast, so this can be arranged. 

*If we have several breakfasts, you can have breakfast in our buffet-style breakfast room. 

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